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Welcome to the website of Target Cleaning Equipment
We specialize in cleaning equipment, tools and supplies for hotels, commercial institutions, large companies, restaurants and malls

Target Hygiene Equipment Company

Cleanliness is one of the first items that are taken care of when it comes to various commercial projects, whether we are talking about a commercial company, a hotel, a restaurant, a mall, and other public and private places.

Here at Target Cleaning Equipment Company, we will relieve you of the burden of caring for this item, as we will provide you with a wide range of the best and finest cleaning equipment that suits your commercial specialty and you can rely on with confidence, starting with vacuum cleaners, washing machines, garbage holders, and even soaps, and hand dryers , bathroom accessories, liquid and dry cleaners.

In general, we at Target are interested in providing everything related to hygiene, arranging, and its equipment.

Target is a newly available company, but it has specialists who have sufficient experience in this field, which makes it the best among its peers, as the company studies the details of the entire place to know its needs accurately, and then informs our customers of what is the best hygiene equipment optimal for them Which makes their work a lot easier.

We know that every place has its own machinery that it needs, so often we help our customers to help them pick out the best for them, if they don’t have a vision of the equipment and machinery they are looking for and want.

At Target, high-quality cleaning products and materials are relied upon, in order to provide the highest service efficiency ever. With us, you can find the best local and imported materials. Whatever you are looking for in tools and cleaning equipment, you can find it with us, and you can identify it. Through our website, or by honoring us with a visit to the company’s headquarters at 4 Mostafa Kamel Street, El-Kobba Bridge, Cairo.

With us, you can be sure that you will get the absolute best at competitive prices. What are you waiting for, contact us now… We will be happy to contact you.