Tissue Papers

Tissue papers are one of the basic and indispensable tools in public bathrooms, as they have become in our time an essential corner of it, there is no doubt that we all need tissues when entering public bathrooms, not only for drying, but we may also need them for disinfection place, clear it.

At Target, we offer a very large bouquet of the best, most beautiful types of imported tissue papers at all. These papers have been carefully selected, in order to provide high quality service for long periods of time, as all of them have been prepared from high strength materials, capable of Withstands absolutely the highest humidity without rusting, discoloring, or damaging.

What is distinguished in the tissue papers that Target offers is that they are of a wide variety of shapes, and this makes them different patterns to suit all tastes, and decorations, where we have transparent, rectangular, as well as circular, and there are some of them that are dedicated to virgin toilet tissue paper in order to put them inside the bathroom, including What is a hand washing corner, so that it can be placed on the side wall of the bathroom, making it easier for public bathroom users to find wipes, and dry their hands.

It is mentioned, that in addition to the formal difference, and the specialist that Target offers in the tissue papers it provides to its customers, it also offers a variety of materials, where we have you can find tissue papers made of white plastic, and others made of black plastic, and we also have tissue papers Made of polycarbonate, there are also sheets made of stainless steel, and many other materials, and they all come in different capacities for napkins, which can be chosen as desired.

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